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Cheetah began in 2003 in the UK and is now a world leading industry expert in GPS camera location. We run and maintaining databases in countries all around the world, so you can use Cheetah camera detectors in North America, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, as well as parts of Africa and the Middle East .

Verification matters

When it comes to camera location data, accuracy is key. One of the reasons why Cheetah detectors are better than others, is that our proprietary database is 100% verified by Cheetah’s professional database team, which monitors all media and internet channels as well as communicating directly with police departments, city traffic engineers, city records, Municipal Codes of Ordinances, traffic bureaus, state transportation agencies, our own network of trusted camera spotters and field survey teams.

No automatically user generated content

Cheetah don’t rely on user generated content, so our products avoid the hundred’s of false alarms that always plague sat nav downloads and competitor devices, when users mistakenly submit traffic cameras as red light cameras.

Multi-directional alerts

All Cheetah GPS detectors can give multi-directional alerts; they tell you when you are approaching a camera intersection on an enforced direction that could give you a ticket; and they can also give a different alert when your direction is not enforced (no ticket).

For these “non-enforced” approaches, the C50 says, “Photo-enforced Intersection.” You get the alert so you know to pay attention at a bad intersection, but you also know that you won’t be ticketed in that particular direction.
The C150/C550 lets you switch off these “non-enforced” approaches by selecting a different user mode.

Trinity Verification means less false alerts

Other products, sat nav downloads and some competitor devices rely on user generated content (also known as "crowd sourced" data). They are plagued by hundreds of false alarms, caused by users mistakenly reporting traffic cameras as red light cameras.

Trinity is 100% verified by Cheetah's in-house professional database team, so there are far less false positive alerts.

Adding new cameras - 2 Membership Packages

The Trinity 3.0 enhanced database for is pre-loaded for your region, so the C550 is ready to use straight out of the box. We have a selection of regions available, which can be seen on the order page.

You can manually enter up to 100 locations for your own personal safety reminders (e.g. new cameras, speed traps, etc).

Alternatively, there are 2 Membership Packages available for unlimited database updates through the Internet:

Gold Membership - includes 3 years of unlimited camera updates and a standard 1 year warranty.

Platinum Membership - includes Lifetime updates, 3 years warranty cover and free camera databases for other regions when you travel abroad.

Both Membership Packages also include the Cheetah Software Tool for camera updates and enabling extra features on the detector, as well as priority email support and a newsletter. Unlike some other products, everything you need to update your c550 is supplied. There is no need to purchase a separate power supply unit for inside your house because the C550 takes the power it needs for updates from your PCs USB socket.

Cheetah Software Tool (Members only)

The Cheetah Software Tool* lets you perform quick and easy camera updates as often as you like - 24/7/365. (*requires membership package).

It also lets you customize some extra features. You can:

Set the warning distance for 15, 20, 25 or 30 seconds based on the speed of your vehicle.

Set a fixed warning distance of 650 yards / 600 metres.

Enable the GPS Atomic Clock feature and adjust your local time zone.

Add, change or remove up to 5 speed reminder settings.

Swap speed measurement units from English (mph) to Metric (km/h).

Export personal locations as a .CSV file for sharing or use in other applications, like Google Earth.

The £129.99 Camera Buster with £250 features!

If you forget to download new cameras for a while, the C550 will remind you as part of the start-up sequence when it's been longer than one month since your last update. There's an earphone socket to let you use the C50 with headphones on a motorcycle or connect it to your car stereo for camera alerts through your car audio speakers.

For the full list of features, scroll further down this page. For further information on how any of these features work, please consult the Owner's Manual, which can be downloaded from the link at the top of this page.

Speed Camera Subscription Costs

OPTION 1: Camera database Gold Membership £19.99 - 3yrs updates, UK and Europe, 1 yr warranty
OPTION 2: Platinum Membership £34.99- lifetime updates, all regions, 3yrs warranty

More detail

Trinity is more accurate and complete than other databases because our team gathers more data than anyone else, to give you the most detailed alerts on the market.
In addition to the camera locations themselves, we plot:
• the camera type
• directional vectors
• speed limits (where applicable)
• ticket directions
• “non ticketing” directions

How we use that detail

Satellite navigation systems, phone downloads, radar detectors and some other GPS detectors use a basic “Radius Alert” technique to warn when you’re approaching a camera. The bad news in cities with a number of cameras is that radius alerting means a lot of annoying false alarms for “Off Axis” cameras on side streets.
The good news for Cheetah users is that we use a much more complex system of directional vectors to scout out the road ahead, cutting out those Off Axis alerts. Cheetahs know when to alert you, and when to keep quiet, so you have far fewer false GPS alerts. Unlike sat nav, radar detectors or competitor devices, there are no false alarms for cameras on the other side of the freeway. Cheetahs only alert to hazards that are a threat in your direction of travel.

Intersection adjusted coordinates

The common mistake that most other products and sat nav downloads make is to plot red light camera locations right in the centre of an intersection. GPS alerts usually pause when your car is stationary at red traffic lights, then start up again when you set off at the green. As many US intersections are quite big, this means you receive a second (false) alert, or “Ghost Alert,” until you reach the middle point of the crossroads. Live with a product for a while and that kind of thing really gets annoying!
Cheetah’s years of experience of dealing with European photo-radar led them to pioneer a unique solution called “Intersection Adjusted Co-ordinates” which Cheetah detectors use to eliminate these ghost falses and to stop alerting at the exact camera position. It’s that kind of knowledge that only comes with experience and every Cheetah comes with that European experience built in.

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