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Cheetah C100 Speed Camera Detector

Cheetah C100 Speed Camera Detector

The Cheetah C100 warns you in advance about speed camera locations and high risk accident zones.

he Cheetah C100 helps you to drive safe and ticket free by warning you in advance about photo enforcement safety camera locations and high risk accident zones. Also, it is one of only two GPS detectors in the world which you can use to supress false alarms on some of the best US radar detectors.

Discontinued, Please look at the
Cheetah C50 Model

Our Price £169.99
inc Vat


Cheetah C50 - Speed Camera Device

Camera database Gold Membership £19.99 - 3yrs updates, UK and Europe, 1 yr warranty

Platinum Membership £34.99- lifetime updates, all regions, 3yrs warranty

Thanks to the world's largest and most accurate speed camera database, Trinity, the C100 alerts to all types of photo enforcement camera including Redflex, ATS, Nestor, Lasercraft, Gatso, ACS, Redspeed, Traffipax, TruVelo, SPECS average speed cameras, Point-to-point average speed cameras, Watchman, Speedcurb and many more. You won't be caught out by short yellow lights. You'll know where to watch out for red light runners or drivers slamming on their brakes unexpectedly. And if you are distracted for any reason, the safety alerts will focus your attention back onto the road when you need it most. Unlimited database updates are included in your purchase price.

Camera alerts are directional, which is huge benefit in cities with a number of cameras. The C100 alerts only when you need to know about cameras that are a threat in your direction of travel. It means the C100 gives fewer false alarms than "radius alerting" devices (GPS, radar detectors, competitor products). You won't be annoyed by false alarms for cameras on the other side of the freeway!

Camera alerts are also spoken voice alerts, so you know instantly what type of hazard you are nearing. Much better than other products which just beep at you!

For example, red light camera intersections may often have warning signs placed on all 4 approaches, but the cameras usually only ticket drivers in 1 or 2 of the directions. The C100 can give different alerts for the "enforced" and the “non-enforced” approaches or it can tell you if there are different speed limits being enforced on each of the roads. For a normal red light camera the detector will say "Red light camera ahead." For a speed-on-green red light camera it will will also let you know the posted speed limit and if you are going too fast. For the "non-enforced" directions it will stay silent or give an "Accident blackspot" alert if the intersection has a particularly bad history of accidents.

Thanks to the Autoranging feature, warning distances adjust automatically depending on your car's speed.

You can add in new points by marking up to 100 locations for your own personal safety reminders (e.g. new cameras or speed traps). There's a highly accurate GPS speedo, discreet 16 compass and atomic clock. You can set Overspeed reminders to give yourself a reminder whenever you reach the speed you programmed. the "Rescue Me" feature gives a GPS co-ordinates announcement which can be used to help emergency services or breakdown services identify your exact location. There's even an earphone socket that lets you connect the C100 to some stereos, to receive camera alerts through your car audio system or use the detector with headphones on a motorcycle.

If you have a compatible radar detector, then the C100 has features that put it into a class all of it's own. If you purchase one of our accessories, the Radar Detector Interface, it enables the C100 to wirelessly link with your existing radar detector and use False Alarm Suppression Technology to help reduce those annoying false alarms. For further information on these features, please visit the Radar Detector Interface product page.

How do you update the memory?

Your region's camera database is preloaded into the memory. North America, Europe or Australasia. The Trinity Database is widely regarded as the most up-to-date and accurate database on the market, with fewer false alarms than competing products because we do not rely on user-generated content. Every day, our internal database team adds verified reports, plus new camera data from city engineers, police, media and other sources, into the central Trinity database.

A lifetime subscription service is included in the purchase price so you can update the memory as often as you like. There are no other download fees or subscription charges with this product. We recommend updating about once a month.

Updating is easy. Simply plug the detector into the USB socket of your PC, and run our software program to download new cameras automatically via the internet. The update software will work on MACs if you are running the Windows emulation software.

Cheetah speed camera database

C100 Features

Cheetah C100

  • Plug & go, ready to go straight out of the box
  • Voice, tone and visual alerts for:
  • Fixed speed cameras
  • Red light cameras
  • Speed-on-Green red light cameras
  • Point-to-Point speed cameras (Average speed cameras, SPECS, etc)
  • Known camera van locations
  • Speed trap sites

  • High risk accident zones (Accident blackspots)
  • Automatic Ranging - warning distances adjust automatically according to vehicle's speed
  • Preloaded with your region's cameras - North America, Europe or Australasia
  • Includes lifetime camera update service from the Trinity Database. USB database downloads via PC and the internet - unlimited 24/7 access for updates worldwide
  • UK/EU Camera Locations and more if required
  • Directional alerts - fewer false alarms than "radius alert" devices (GPS sat nav, radar detectors, etc)
  • No false alarms for speed cameras on the other side of the freeway
  • Speed limit anouncements during camera alerts
  • Overspeed alert when exceeding the speed limit during camera alerts
  • Confirmation chime at end of alert sequence
  • "Accident Blackspot" safety alerts for the "non-enforced" directions at camera intersections (if bad accident history)
  • Mark/delete up to 100 personal locations
  • Adjustable Overspeed reminder setting for your own personal speed limit reminders
  • GPS speedometer display
  • GPS atomic clock time display when stationary
  • Discreet 16 point compass display
  • Internal GPS antenna - SiRF star III chipset for superior urban canyon performance
  • Remote antenna socket - for cars with Athermic windshields or non-standard installations
  • Rotary volume control
  • Earphone socket - for motorcycle use, connection to car stereos, etc
  • Demonstration mode
  • Adjustable Time Zones
  • Miles per hour / Kilometres per hour
  • "Rescue ME" GPS co-ordinates announcement
  • UNIQUE - False Alarm Suppression features for Radar detectors - see Radar Detector Interface
  • UNIQUE - Wireless integration with all leading laser jammers - see Laser Jammer Interface

    For full details on the features in the C100 that relate to the management of radar detectors and laser jamming systems, please click on the relevant interface link immediately above.

Cheetah C100 - Box Contents

1 x Cheetah C100 GPS Detector
1 x Windshield Bracket
1 x Anti-slip Dash Pad
1 x Power Cord
1 x Download Cable
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x CD with update software, device drivers and full owners manual.

Speed Camera Subscription Costs

Camera database Gold Membership £19.99 - 3yrs updates, UK and Europe, 1 yr warranty

Platinum Membership £34.99- lifetime updates, all regions, 3yrs warranty

Cheetah C100 - Product Images

Ccheetah c100 product images


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