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Cheetah C150 Speed Camera Detector

2015 - Cheetah C150 Speed Camera Detector

Just Released, The All new Cheetah C150:

The C150's impressive, uncluttered 64mm * 18mm LED display clearly shows all the vital driving and alert information you need. The digital speedo remains visible at all times and the handy clock and compass features keep you nicely informed. During an alert, the current speed flashes to highlight if you are over the speed limit and the clock switches to show a numeric distance countdown to the alert site. There is also an additional distance countdown progress bar to emphasise the alert site proximity.



2015 - Cheetah C150 Speed Camera Detector

Camera database Gold Membership £19.99 - 3yrs updates, UK and Europe, 1 yr warranty

Platinum Membership £34.99- lifetime updates, all regions, 3yrs warranty

Cheetah Advanced Technologies Ltd have been manufacturing leading speed trap detection equipment since 2003. All of our experience and customer feedback over the past 12 years has culminated in our fantastic new C150 GPS speed and red light camera detector.

Don't be deceived by the C150s tiny size or tiny price; we've managed to pack in tons of exciting features. We believe the C150 coupled with our Trinity 2.0 database sets the new benchmark for consumer GPS camera detectors.

Cheetah C150 Speed Camera Detector

The C150 is designed to be as customisable as possible. Users can completely tailor each component of the audio output to their own requirements. One complete alert comprises an initial heads-up chime, a voice description of the type of alert, an additional explanatory description of the area if required, an overspeed alert and a final pass chime. Each constituent chime can be configured to meet the individual user's expectations.

We've been busy behind the scenes too. We've updated and improved our multi-point false alert filtering and also added a brand new layer of "effective distance" false alert filtering. But most importantly, we've greatly improved our intelligent multi directional alert ability and introduced a massive number of new alert descriptions to maximise on our unique Trinity 2.0 database with nano alerts.

With 1400 possible alert voice combinations, the C150 knows what to say and when to say it.

Cheetah C150 Speed Camera Detector

C150 special features

  • Fully configurable alert audio. Tailor the audio to suit your preferences.
  • Dark mode - for stealth installations, or for night time driving, the display will only light up during an alert.
  • Alert mute - quickly switch off / on the audio for the current alert.
  • Whisper mode - keeps the C150 quiet if you are under known speed limits.
  • Adjustable alert distances - select different warning distances for different types of camera.
  • Adjustable speed limit tolerance - increase the overspeed alert activation speed to suit your driving style.
  • Personal locations - store up to 64 of your own locations.
  • Database update reminder - if you forget to update for 6 weeks, your C150 will occasionally remind you.
  • Adjustable brightness.
  • Silent start up

cheetah C150 installed

Preloaded with your region's cameras - UK, Europe, Australasia,

  • Three User Modes let you switch off alerts you don't want to hear:
  • All cameras, mobile traps and safety alerts
  • Red-light cameras and speed cameras only
  • Red-light cameras and speed cameras only

Cheetah C50 - Box Contents

  • 1 x Cheetah C150 GPS Detector
  • 1 x Windscreen Mount
  • 1 x Dash mount - magnetic
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x Download Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

See our unboxing video of the cheetah c150 here

65 Camera Alerts - Trinity 2.0 Enhanced Database

C150 voice alerts are amazing! It's the only camera locator in the world that can tell you not only what kind of camera is coming up but also if the camera is on the motorway, the dual carriageway, the motorway exit, a side road, the city street, in the tunnel, after the end of the tunnel, on the flyover, in the school zone, in the construction zone or near the bridge ahead.

Cheetah c150 - speed camera detector

Most competing devices just beep at you. If they do have a voice, it's usually only 3 or 4 alerts. The revolutionary Cheetah C150 is the world's first GPS CamBuster to include nano alerts! It uses the industry leading Trinity 2.0 Enhanced Database to provide 65 unique camera alerts, giving drivers more detailed and useful camera information than any other detector on the market.

Spoken voice alerts + SpeedTone Intelligence, not just beeps

C150 alerts are clear, concise spoken voice alerts, so you know instantly what type of hazard you are approaching. The C150 just talks to you - much better than other products which only go beep!

SpeedTone Intelligence means that the C150 only ever beeps when you really need to slow down to avoid a ticket! During speed camera alerts, the C150 plays extra warning tones whenever you are faster than the posted speed limit. They get more urgent as you get closer to the camera and if you drop back below the PSL, the tones immediately stop.

Directional Intelligence = Less false alarms in cities and on motorways

The C150 is intelligent. It only alerts you when you need to now about an approaching hazard. Camera alerts are directional, which is huge benefit in cities with a number of cameras. The C150 only alerts to cameras that are a threat in your direction of travel. This means fewer false alarms than "radius alerting" devices (GPS, radar detectors, competitor products).

You won't be annoyed by false alarms for cameras on the other side of the motorway! Or bothered by cameras that are several city blocks away covering a different direction!

Directional Intelligence = Multi-direction alerts

The C150 is not just directional, it's multi-directional. It can give different alerts when you approach a location from different directions.

For example, red light cameras often have warning signs placed on all 4 approach roads, but the cameras usually only ticket drivers in 1 or 2 of the directions (called camera approaches). In User mode 1, where it knows which directions are genuinely being covered, the C150 gives a full camera alert for the "enforced" approaches and a different safety message for the "non-enforced" approaches. The alerts for "non-enforced" approaches can be switched off at the touch of a button by changing User Modes.

At "Speed-on-Green" red light camera intersections, the C150 will tell you it's different from a normal red-light camera, so you won't even consider speeding up to beat the yellow. It will tell you the speed limit and can even let you know if there are different posted speed limits being enforced on each of the approach roads. That is critical information in Speed-on-Green areas.

C150 onboard menu items

1 Display brightness Adjusts the brightness of the display.
2 Dark mode Switches off the display (except for one discreet LED) until there is an alert.
3 Whisper mode Switches off the audio under the speed limit plus speed tolerance)
4 Custom alert distances Adjusts the warning distances for each type of alert.
     4-1  Speed cameras
     4-2  Stored mobile cameras
     4-3  Point to point cameras
     4-4  Point to point exits
     4-5  Safety locations
     4-6  School zones
     4-7  Information locations
     4-8  Red light cameras
     4-9  Non-ticketing cameras
     4-10  Cameras in tunnel
     4-11  Personal locations
     4-12  Opposite direction alerts
     4-13  Highway cameras
5 Overspeed alerts Controls the overspeed alerts for each type of alert.
     5-1  Speed cameras
     5-2  Stored mobile cameras
     5-3  Point to point cameras
     5-4  Point to point exits
     5-5  Safety locations
     5-6  School zones
     5-7  Information locations
     5-8  Red light cameras
     5-9  Non-ticketing cameras
     5-10  Cameras in tunnel
     5-11  Opposite direction alerts
     5-12  Highway cameras
6 Variable Warning Distance Automatically reduces warning distance at slower speeds.
7 Alert speed tolerance Increases the overspeed alert activation speed.
8 Continuous overspeed warning Controls the frequency of overspeed alerts.
9 Heads-up chime Controls the alert's initial heads-up chime
10 Pass chime Controls the confirmation chime as you pass the alert location.
11 Adjust GPS speedo Matches the onboard GPS speedo to the vehicle's speedo.
12 GPS signal loss Controls the GPS signal lost and found tones.
13 Speed units Selects Miles or Kilometres per hour.
14 Delete all personal locations Deletes all personal locations.
15 Restore factory settings Restores factory settings.
16 Adjust clock Adjusts for correct time zone and daylight savings.

Trinity Database covers all cameras

The C150 alerts to all types of photo enforcement camera including:

  • Speed cameras
  • Red light cameras
  • Speed-on-green red light cameras
  • Point-to-point average speed cameras
  • Well known camera van locations
  • Well known speed trap sites
  • Accident zones & dangerous intersections

Thanks to the world's largest and most accurate speed camera database, Trinity, you're covered against cameras from Redflex, ATS, Nestor, LaserCraft, Gatso, ACS, Redspeed, Traffipax, TruVelo, SPECS Peek, Robot, Sensys, Watchman, Speedcurb and many more.

Trinity Verification means less false alerts

Other products, sat nav downloads and some competitor devices rely on user generated content (also known as "crowd sourced" data). They are plagued by hundreds of false alarms, caused by users mistakenly reporting traffic cameras as red light cameras.

Trinity is 100% verified by Cheetah's in-house professional database team, so there are far less false positive alerts.

Adding new cameras - 2 Membership Packages
The Trinity 2.0 enhanced database for is pre-loaded for your region, so the C150 is ready to use straight out of the box. We have a selection of regions available, which can be seen on the order page.

You can manually enter up to 100 locations for your own personal safety reminders (e.g. new cameras, speed traps, etc).

Alternatively, there are 2 Membership Packages available for unlimited database updates through the Internet:

Gold Membership - includes 3 years of unlimited camera updates and a standard 1 year warranty.

Platinum Membership - includes Lifetime updates, 3 years warranty cover and free camera databases for other regions when you travel abroad.

Both Membership Packages also include the Cheetah Software Tool for camera updates and enabling extra features on the detector, as well as priority email support and a newsletter. Unlike some other products, everything you need to update your C150 is supplied. There is no need to purchase a separate power supply unit for inside your house because the C150 takes the power it needs for updates from your PCs USB socket.

Cheetah Software Tool (Members only)

The Cheetah Software Tool* lets you perform quick and easy camera updates as often as you like - 24/7/365. (*requires membership package).

Speed Camera Subscription Costs

OPTION 1: Camera database Gold Membership £19.99 - 3yrs updates, UK and Europe, 1 yr warranty
Platinum Membership £34.99- lifetime updates, all regions, 3yrs warranty

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